1. The Board's position is that it is the responsibility of each student to use good judgment in one's total appearance so that the attention of others is not distracted from the purpose of the school. Cleanliness is a basic consideration.
    2. No mode of student appearance will be considered proper for school that distracts from or disrupts the classroom and/or school decorum. The principal of each school shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance, in accord with the guidelines that are contained in the publication entitled "Student-Parent Discipline & Attendance Handbook."
    3. Several studies indicate that being able to identify one's students from outsiders is an important aspect of school safety. Therefore, the Board reasons that a mandatory school uniform policy will contribute to the overall well-being of its students and will contribute to a more serious learning environment which will promote an atmosphere for improved behavior and will encourage students to experience a greater sense of school pride and belonging.
    4. Beginning with the 2000-2001 school session, students in grades K-12 shall be required to wear official school uniforms.
    5. The Superintendent and staff will stipulate procedures for implementation and will coordinate the guidelines under which parents may obtain uniforms.
    6. Any substantial complaint concerning the student dress code (including and limited to religious, economic, or other onerous concerns) shall be dealt with by the school building administration.