Compliance Measures

  • Each school will strive to achieve full compliance through the use of incentives and positive reinforcement measures. However, for students who are non-compliant with the mandatory school uniform program and who have not been granted an exemption, consequences will be issued as defined for the infraction of disrespect for authority/willful disobedience.

    No student will be considered non-compliant with the uniform program in the following instances:

    • When a student wears the uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization such as Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts on regular meeting days.
    • When a student's parent or guardian has secured an exemption from the uniform program.
    • While an appeal of an exemption is pending under the described School Uniform Policy.
    • During the first 10 school days after transferring from outside the parish.
    • When a student is on campus outside of normal school hours.
    • When a student has been authorized by the school principal to wear a school activity uniform such as those worn by members of the cheerleading squad, dance team, band, or athletic teams.