Procedures for Exceptions

  • Parents or guardians may request a yearly exemption from a mandatory school uniform program by submitting a written request to the school principal. A request for an exemption must be made within five (5) school days from the start of the school session and/or from the date that the student is initially enrolled in a district school. Parents/guardians must reapply every school year. (Exemptions may be granted for religious reasons, financial hardships or other onerous reasons.) When parents or guardians seek immediate exemption from the program, the following procedures must be observed.

    A request for an exemption is made by completing the Uniform Policy Application: Sections A1 and A2 to be included in the back-to-school paperwok online portal and/or the District Documents Packet available at the beginning of the school year. Applications must be fully and correctly completed and submitted to the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance.

    A District Uniform Oversight Committee (appointed by the Superintendent) will review all applications submitted, and if appropriate, issue an exemption. Applicants will be notified in writing that their request for an exemption has been approved or denied.

    Parents/guardians may appeal the decision using the procedures indicated in the School Board's Policy 5.07, Complaints from the Public. Copies of the policy may be obtained by making a request in writing to the Superintendent's office.