Student Health Services

  • Welcome to St. Charles Parish Public Schools - Student Health Services!

    Our department currently consists of one Supervisor of Student Health Services, one Specialty Service Nurse, eleven School Nurses, two Headstart Nurses, ten Nurse Para Educators,  nine Time-Worked Nurses and Substitute Nurses servicing more than 9,000 students.

    We believe in our district's credo You and I...We are St. Charles Parish Public Schools with the core business of teaching and learning. As nurses we focus directly on three areas: health services, health education, and the healthy school environment. These services require diverse knowledge including, but not limited to, pediatric/adolescent health, infectious diseases, mental health, chronic diseases, and emergency care. We strive to influence health and safety aspects in our schools and provide leadership to our district/individual campuses. We work with other departments in the district to support our students, staff, parents, and community addressing mental health and social services, nutrition services, transportation, child welfare services, physical activity, family and community involvement, and staff health promotion/services.