• We'll have a Google classroom account with everything we do. You'll get the code the first day of class.

    Class supplies:

    • Binder [2" would be good] A different one for each class!
    • 3-holed college-lined [narrow-lined] loose leaf
    • Individual loose-leaf tabs/dividers [10 dividers total, so probably two packs]
    • Black/Blue ink pens for all writing assignments
    • Pencils for tests/quizzes/rough drafts of a project
    • Optional Supplies [I do have class sets, but I know some people like their own!]
    • Colored pencils [8 different colors or so] for map and chart/lab work
    • Highlighter
    • Ruler
    • Scissors

    Binder Set-Up

    First Tab: Course Documents

    Second Tab: Unit 1

    Third Tab: Unit 2

    Fourth Tab: Unit 3

    Fifth Tab: Unit 4

    Sixth Tab: Unit 5

    Seventh Tab: Unit 6

    Eighth Tab: Unit 7


    [APES only - APHUG has 7 Units, APES has 9] 

    Ninth Tab: Unit 8

    Tenth Tab: Unit 9