Social Studies Fair

  • Social Studies Fair due dates and information below.

    The social studies fair is voluntary and not a requirement. Students who complete the project may earn up to 100 pts as an extra summative assessment. Students must complete a project board and research paper for the fair; however, they will not be scored on either for the class grade.  Students are scored on an assessment they take in class which is based on their research.

    Students may choose a topic from any of the categories. It does not have to be related to world history. 

    Upcoming due dates:

    November 15th, 2019

    • Entry Form due (pg 17 of handbook) 
    • Statement of Compliance Form due (pg 21 of handbook)
    • Research Plan Due (pg 19 of handbook) 

    December 6th 2019

    • Social Studies Fair - Project Due