• Reading Decodable Words

    *New 3/31: Here are some ideas of fun ways that you can review reading skills: 

    CVC Eggs

    Write simple words on a plastic egg (sat, pat, cat, rat, mat...) with the beginning sound on one piece of the egg and the middle/ending sound on the other piece of the egg. Have your child rotate the pieces of the egg to build and read new words. 

    Find a Rhyme

    Write simple words on paper plates, flashcards, or pieces of paper. Place the words on the floor. Have your child read the words sound-by-sound and put them in groups by words that rhyme. 

    CVC Picture Match

    If you have access to a printer, click here for a set of free printable CVC puzzles. Your child should read the word and find the matching picture. If you do not have a printer, have your child write the words and draw a matching picture. Then, cut them to make a puzzle!

    CVC Hopscotch

    Write simple words with chalk in the shape of hopscotch. Have your child read each word as he/she hops. 

    Reading BINGO

    Click here for a free printable Reading Bingo If you get BINGO, e-mail a picture to your teacher! 

  • Reading Tricky Words

    *New 4/27


    Click here for Tricky Word Exercise 

    Have your child practice reading tricky words with movements. 


    Have your child go on a "Word Hunt" for tricky words around your home. Once he/she finds the word, have him/her write it. 

    Recycle an old puzzle by writing tricky words on the backs of the pieces and board to build the puzzle on. Have your child match the words to build the puzzle. 


    Use letter beads to spell tricky words. 


    Place index cards with tricky words written on them on buckets. Give your child a ball and call out a tricky word. Have your child toss the ball in the bucket with the tricky word that you say.

    Learn to read Sight Words with this FUN, movement sidewalk chalk sight word game


    Write tricky words on cards and on the sidewalk with chalk. Have your child pick a card, read the word, and hop to the tricky word that matches. You could also call out a word to your child and have him/her hop to that word. 

    Word Recognition #2- Kids love the regular game Twister, so why not make it educational? The whole class can not use just one Twister mat, so you will have to have several. On each dot, there will be a sight word. The students will spin the spinner to find out which body part will be placed on what color, and the teacher will also tell them a sight word to put that body part on.


    Play Twister with a tricky word twist! Spin the wheel and place your hand/foot on that color. Read the tricky word on that spot. 

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    Summer Learning Activities to Stop the Summer Slide • Tickled Pink in Primary


    Write tricky words with chalk on the sidewalk. Call out a tricky word and have your child toss a water balloon, ball, bean bag, or rock onto the matching word.



  • Literacy 

    For resources from our Reading Recovery/ Literacy Teachers, see the files below:

    *New 4/1

    *New 4/6