Destrehan High, in partnership with Southeastern Louisiana University, offers several on-campus TOPS eligible courses for Juniors and Seniors who meet the BESE eligibility framework. DE course offerings include: Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Chemistry 102, College Algebra, Eduction 202, English Comp 101, English Comp 102, Intro to Statistics, Psychology 101, Spanish 101, Spanish 102, and Trigonometry.

    NOTE: Students interested in earning college credits through SELU's program MUST complete the online SLATE application.  Enrollment links will be emailed to the student upon receipt of the required PII release form.  The application will also require uploading a copy of the student's most recent transcript and ACT or PreACT scores.

    Participation Criteria:

    • Must be currently enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade at a public or private Louisiana high school or a state-approved home school program
    • Must have a minimum high school cumulative unweighted GPA ≥ 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (transcript will be provided) 
    • Subject-specific demonstration in Mathematics and/or English:
      • Required for Art,Comm,Educ,Engl,Gbio,Hist,Mus, Psych,Soc,Span,Thea courses: Pre-ACT English ≥ 18; ACT English ≥ 18 Pre-SAT Writing/Language ≥ 25; SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing ≥ 500
      • Required for Chem,Gbio,Math courses: Pre-ACT Math ≥ 19; ACT Math ≥ 19; Pre-SAT Math ≥ 500;SAT Math ≥ 510

    In the event that no standardized exam has been taken or the requirements above cannot be met, a Counselor Recommendation may be used. Please note that the Counselor Recommendation must demonstrate at a minimum the following content-based historical grades for the dual enrollment courses taken:

    • Dual enrollment Art/Comm/Educ/Engl/Hist/Mus/Psyc/Soc/Span/Thea require a C or above in the last high school English course taken before the dual enrollment course
    • Dual enrollment Chemistry/Math require a C or above in the last high school math course taken before the dual enrollment course
    • Dual enrollment Biology requires a C or above in the last high school English AND math course taken before the dual enrollment course
    • For off-campus enrollees, DHS will also consider student LEAP performance, attendance, and discipline.

    WITHDRAWING FROM A DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSE:  If a student wishes to withdraw from a dual enrollment course for any reason, he/she must confer with the counselor ASAP, and complete the required documents before the college withdraw deadline.


    DHS also offers a variety of Career & Technical Dual enrollment courses via River Parishes Community College, UNO, Delgado, and SELU. Several of these courses are offered at the Satellite Center.  School-to-Career and Satellite Center will enroll eligible students (juniors & seniors) through their in-district courses. There is no need for the student to travel to the college campus.


    Juniors & seniors interested in enrolling in non-district offered courses at one of our cooperating colleges/universities should make an appointment with their counselor ASAP to begin the enrollment process.  Download and print the packet HERE.

    Any student who receives Dual Enrollment credit through ANY post-secondary school while in high school is reminded to complete a transcript request form when applying to a post-secondary institution after high school graduation.  

    Transcript Request Forms can be found in the navigation links.