Beginning with our 1997-98 freshman class, Destrehan High School and Hahnville High School students began participating in a job shadow program during the school year. Job shadows are part of a career exploration program aimed at better preparing our students for the work-force of the 21st century. We hope to make classroom learning more relevant to what goes on in the “real world”.


    A job shadow is an opportunity for a high school student to spend three or more hours with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization or government agency. The objective is to provide the student with an opportunity to learn as much as possible from a person working at a job in which he/she has expressed an interest. By “shadowing” a worker, the student will get a firsthand perspective of what adults do in the world of work. Additionally, the student will better understand the process of career exploration.

    During job shadows, host employers are encouraged to perform normal work activities with a willingness to talk to students about their work and its significance in the organization. Students are encouraged to ask questions of their host such as “What do you like about your job?” or “What kind of training do I need?” Students are not expected to do “real work”, but opportunities that allow for a brief contribution are appreciated.

    It is important to note that your willingness to accept a student into your world will be a big boost for the student’s self esteem. For many students this job shadow will be their first entry into the “real world” as well as the first time they leave their “comfort zone”.


    1. Simply be yourself and let the student observe you at work. Explain the important aspects of your job and how you relate to others in the organization. Answer the student’s questions as best you can.

    2. Complete a brief evaluation of the job shadow experience and return it to Hahnville High School.


    1. Arrange transportation to and from job shadow.

    2. Dress appropriately. Ask relevant questions of host employer and report back using designated forms. Thank employer.


    Students are on a limited time schedule. They will be excused from school for time spent on the job shadow and for time traveling to and from the work site. Job shadows are to be completed Monday through Friday from 8-4, if possible.


    Contact Hahnville High School's School to Career office (985) 758-5464 (phone) , 985) 758-5488 (fax) or email hbarnhill@stcharles.k12.la.us