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    Academic dishonesty, falsely representing another person’s intellectual property as one’s own, is a serious epidemic in America’s schools. Universities have well-publicized academic dishonesty policies, violations of which can result in serious academic consequences including immediate expulsion. The DHS Advanced Studies Program feels that it is imperative to institute an official policy which demands academic integrity from our Advanced Studies Students.

    Academic Dishonesty can take many forms, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Plagiarism, which may include copying assignments such as homework, class work, Key Concepts, literary papers, projects, journals, summaries of (summer) readings from any person or internet source, including LearnZillion. 
    • Sharing answers or materials during tests and quizzes
    • Using of unauthorized notes or “cheat sheets” during tests and quizzes
    • Storing answers or unauthorized programs in calculator, cell phones, or other electronic devices
    • Discussing test questions in the presence of someone who has not yet taken the test/quiz
    • Text messaging or taking pictures of information during or after tests or quizzes
    • Removing test materials from the testing room to share with others

     Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

    • Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty will face academic and/or extracurricular consequences up to and including expulsion from the Advanced Studies Program.
    • The Academic Integrity Policy spans a student’s entire academic career at DHS and does not “start over” at the beginning of every school year or new course.  Consequences from previous violations remain in effect.  


     Continued Eligibility for Future Honors and/or Advanced Placement Courses in tenth grade requires the student to have no lower than a “C” average in each course in the ninth grade year.  This includes all courses, not just honors courses.

    We, the undersigned understand, agree to abide by the Academic Integrity Policy.


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