Art Honor Society

  • The Art Honor Society is made up of an Elite group of artists. The students have accomplished many wonderful projects. The Honor Society is able to bring the St. Charles Parish community together to create bowls from clay using many techniques: slab, coil, and throwing on a wheel. They then proceeded to having an event called Empty Bowls that again brings the community together to raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank. This event usually raises over one thousand dollars.

    Another event that the Honor Society is involved in is the Art Awareness Event that allows the St. Charles Parish community to experience the hard work our students and teachers accomplish in a school year. Here the Honor Society is able to help in the art activities room and they also have a tent where they create art pieces and sell them to help raise funds for the Art Department.

    Sponsor: Kristie Gough

    Interested in joining?

    See Mrs. Gough in M-51