Mr. Brian Martinez

Phone: 985-785-1161


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Music Education ~ Florida State University (2013) Bachelor of Music Education ~ Southeastern Louisiana University (2008) Orff Level 1 Certification (2016)

Mr. Brian Martinez

A Covid Letter From Mr Martinez:

To all my choir students

Although we have not been able to be together in class, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity we had to sing as a full choir during school on the Friday that we got out.  You all sang beautifully and the level of maturity and focus during that rehearsal truly showed how much everyone cared for what we were doing. We have come so far this year and I can only hope that we get the chance to perform together one more time. In the meantime, practice tracks will continue to be available for you as well as many more resources for you to explore music at home.


To all my General Music Students

I know many of you were feeling sucesfull playing your recorders and learing to read music and I hope we get the change to continue earning those recorder belts! In the meanitime, you can continue to practice at home using the practice tracks that I have uploaded to my webpage. I will also be adding many other resources for you to contine exploring music at home in many diffeent ways. 

I miss each and every one of you and I can’t wait until we can be together again. Until then- sharpen your music skills and enjoy your time off!


Mr. Martinez