• About Our School


    The students, families, community members, and staff of Ethel Schoeffner Elementary School value education as a top priority. As stakeholders, we share a responsibility to create a safe and nurturing environment. Students aspire to achieve their potential by mastering and exceeding academic and social goals. Our staff fosters a love of learning which prepares students to be self-motivated, to think critically, and to be responsible citizens who inspire others to do their best.



    The mission of Ethel Schoeffner Elementary School is to provide a high quality education to enable all students to work together to become empathetic, respectful citizens and productive life-long learners.



    At Ethel Schoeffner Elementary School we believe: 

    -   education is our top priority.

    -   all students are capable of learning

    -   all students are valued as individuals with unique physical, social, cultural, emotional and intellectual needs.

    -   instructional time is essential and is honored.

    -   students and staff have high expectations for achievement.

    -   open and honest communication builds trust and fosters relationships among all stakeholders.

    -   all members of the school community should be treated in a respectful and caring manner. 

    -   a positive, safe and supportive environment enables students and staff to reach their potential for life-long learning.

    -   teamwork is essential in developing cooperative citizens.

    -   student and teacher engagement is key to overall success.