Advanced Studies Program Requirements


    Students in the Advanced Studies Program engage in accelerated studies that challenge them as critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. To complete the Advanced Studies Program, a student must excel in at least 18 classes at the Honors, Gifted, Dual Enrollment (DE), and/or Advanced Placement (AP) level, as detailed below:

    Curriculum (18 classes)

    • English: 4 Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes
    • Math: 4 Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes
    • Science: 4 Honors, DE, or AP classes (Physics - at DHS or the Satellite Center - is accepted as a 4th honors science)
    • Social Studies: 4 Honors, DE, or AP classes (Must include Honors Civics and AP US History)
    • Electives: 2 additional Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes  (Does not include Gifted Independent Study)


    • Overall 85 B average in all Honors, Gifted, DE, and AP classes
    • No FINAL grade lower than a C in any class

    Checklist of Requirements for the Advanced Studies Program:

    • Complete the Advanced Studies Program by taking and excelling in 18 Honors, DE, and/or AP courses
    • Earn an overall AP/Honors GPA of at least a grade of 85 B
    • Have no final grade lower than a C



    • Eligibility for a Senior Jacket through the Academic Studies Program
    • Recognition at the DHS Graduation Stole Ceremony.
    • Recognition at the Advanced Studies Program's annual banquet.
    • Graduation: white stole and/or cord, special floor seating for Advanced Studies Program honorees at the DHS Graduation Ceremony. Please note that only the Valedictorian and Salutatorian can sit on the stage.


    TOPS: The Advanced Studies Program requirements match the core classes required for TOPS.  

    Dual Enrollment:

    • Only Louisiana’s public universities accept Dual Enrollment credit. Students planning to attend private and/or out-of-state universities are encouraged to enroll in the comparable AP course.
    • Only DE courses that qualify on the TOPS University 5-point scale are acceptable as Advanced Studies Program courses.



    How do I enroll in Honors and AP courses?

    • Complete the Google form and submit the required documentation on the Advanced Studies Program's webpage. See your counselor or Ms. Sniezak for the classroom code.
    • A representative of the DHS Honors/AP program will contact you in late May to discuss your placement.


    DHS Advanced Placement Department

    Laura Abbey -- AP Program Administrator

    Cristina Hargis -- AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science

    Kurt Hargis  -- AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles

    Jessica Hayes - AP Studio Art

    Dawn Jacobi – AP Calculus AB (Gifted)

    Janell Levet – AP Statistics

    Bill Plasse – AP English Language, and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Art History

    Jason Powell - AP Calculus AB

    D'Otta Sniezak – AP English Language and Composition (Gifted), AP Literature and Composition (Gifted), AP World History

    Maxwell Suitt – AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science

    Sarah Vines - AP Biology II

    Christopher Williams - AP Music Theory