The DHS HONORS Program Requirements


    Students in the DHS HONORS Program engage in accelerated studies that challenge them as critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. To complete the DHS HONORS Program, a student must excel in at least 18 classes at the Honors, Gifted, Dual Enrollment (DE), and/or Advanced Placement (AP) level, as detailed below:

    Curriculum (18 classes)

    • English: 4 Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes
    • Math: 4 Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes
    • Science: 4 Honors, DE, or AP classes (Physics - at DHS or the Satellite Center - is accepted as a 4th honors science)
    • Social Studies: 4 Honors, DE, or AP classes (Must include Honors Civics and AP US History)
    • Electives: 2 additional Honors, Gifted, DE, or AP classes  (Does not include Gifted Independent Study or Talented Art, Theater, or Music classes.)


    • Overall 85 B average in all Honors, Gifted, DE, and AP classes
    • No FINAL grade lower than a C in any class

    Checklist of Requirements for the DHS Honors Program:

    • Complete the DHS HONORS Program by taking and excelling in 18 Honors, DE, and/or AP courses
    • Earn an overall AP/DE/gifted/Honors GPA of at least a grade of 85 B
    • Have no final grade lower than a C



    • Eligibility for a Senior Jacket through the DHS HONORS Program
    • Recognition at the DHS Graduation Stole Ceremony.
    • Recognition at the DHS HONORS Program's annual banquet.
    • Graduation: white stole and/or cord, special floor seating for the DHS HONORS Program honorees at the DHS Graduation Ceremony. Please note that only the Valedictorian and Salutatorian can sit on the stage.

    TOPS: The DHS HONORS Program requirements match the core classes required for TOPS.  

    Dual Enrollment:

    • Only Louisiana’s public universities accept Dual Enrollment credit. Students planning to attend private and/or out-of-state universities are encouraged to enroll in the comparable AP course.
    • Only DE courses that qualify on the TOPS University 5-point scale are acceptable as Advanced Studies Program courses.



    How do I enroll in Honors and AP courses?

    • Complete the Google form and submit the required documentation on the Advanced Studies Program's webpage. See your counselor or Ms. Sniezak for the classroom code.
    • A representative of the DHS Honors/AP program will contact you in late May to discuss your placement.


    DHS Advanced Placement Department

    Laura Abbey -- AP Program Administrator

    Cristina Hargis -- AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science

    Kurt Hargis  -- AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles

    Jessica Hayes - AP Studio Art

    Dawn Jacobi – AP Calculus AB (Gifted)

    Janell Levet – AP Statistics

    Bill Plasse – AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Art History

    Jason Powell - AP Calculus AB

    D'Otta Sniezak – AP English Language and Composition (Gifted), AP Literature and Composition (Gifted), AP World History

    Maxwell Suitt – AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science

    Sarah Vines - AP Biology II

    Christopher Williams - AP Fine Arts Survey: Music Theory