Ms. Renee Hebert

Phone: 985-725-0123


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 1-8

Ms. Renee Hebert

Welcome to my 5th grade math class. This is my 5th year at Ethel Schoeffner School. I am looking forward to an amazing school year!

This year I will incorporate Google Classroom with our district provided Chromebooks. Google Classroom is a tool that allows me to post announcements and reminders for students. It also allows for classroom assignments and submissions to be posted and collected digitally.

To access Google Classroom please use the following link and have your child log into their Google account. Once logged in, you can review class announcements, assignments and course information. you can also view Google Docs From the "Google Classroom" link on the left side of the menu.

I would also like to encourage parents and students to review math on ZEARN as needed.

5/2/10 update: Math schedule has been posted to Google Classrooms. Math Week May 4th

4/27/20 update: Schedules have been posted to Google Classroom. Week 4-27-20

4/21/20 update: The Google Meet time is scheduled for 2:00, NOT 3:00. Sorry for any confusion casued by a typo below. I wll still be on at 3:00 in case some students/parents already scheduled the time to get on Google Meet at 3:00.

4/20/20 update: Please have your child use this link on Wednesday at 2:00 for our Google Meet. 

There are no lessons that students must complete this week on Zearn. However, they may use their new Zearn account using their Google username and password to start if they would like. The new class codes for Zearn is located on their Google Classroom. When they log on onto Zearn, do NOT type the e-mail, just the username with their name and numbers, not I have also posted the codes here for you to find your students code. New Zearn Account

This is a file I emailed to the emails I have on file, Schedule week 4/20/20

4/16/20 update: I have posted this into my Google Classrooms...

Good morning class. I wanted to share some things with you as we move forward with learning from home. I miss you all so very much! I hope everyone has been able to utilize zearn at home with lesson of previous learning. As we start classes through our Google classrooms on the 27th, there are some things we need to do as we set up our new class expectations. On WEDNESDAY THE 22ND AT 3:00PM, we will have a dry run, which is only for us to try out google meet all together as this is what you will use to ask questions each day. Starting the 27th you will get a weekly schedule of new assignments. Lets start coming up with our expectations as a class learning from home so that we may be successful. Add any expectations that you feel will be necessary to be successful while we are on google meet (video), Zearn, and generally learning from home. You will post those expecatations in the comment section on the Google Classroom with this announcement. I will make a general list using what you all come up with.
Office hours will begin on Monday the 27th for students and families to ask questions.
Math-Monday , Wednesday , Friday- 2:00-3:00pm
         Tuesday and Thursday-9:00-10:00am

4/6/20 update: Please continue to work through Zearn lessons, and Eureka videos from Module 4 lesson 16 through Module 5 lesson 6...These are only suggested lessons of previous learning. I will continue to update as soon as I know anything more.

4/1/20 update:  During this time of uncertainty, I would like to encourage all students to access their Google Classroom for home learning. In addition, continue to utilize the district's site for home learning. This site is also on my Google Classrom, as well as listed below.



  • 7:45-8:20         Morning Procedure/Morning Meeting

    8:20-10:00       Math

    10:00-10:50     2nd Math Class

    10:50-11:35     Lunch/Recess

    11:35-12:10     2nd math Class cont.

    12:10-1:00       Planning

    1:00-1:20         2nd Math class cont.

    1:20-2:55         3rd math class