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B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Ashley Hebert

Welcome to my class. This is my fifth year teaching and my fourth year at Lakewood Elementary School. I am looking forward to teaching and getting to know your child. I will teach math and science this year.

This year I will incorporate Google Classroom with our district provided Chromebooks. Google Classroom is a tool that allows me to post announcements and reminders for students. It also allows for class assignments and submissions to be posted and collected digitally.

To access Google Classroom please use the following link and have your child log in to their Google account. once logged in, you can review class announcements, assignments and course information. You can also view Google Docs from the "Google Classroom" link on the left side of the menu.


COVID-19 Message Assignments are Listed in My Google Classrooms

Hello, kiddos!!! 

Gosh, I miss yall so much! I hope you all are staying healthy and spending lots of quality time with your families OUTSIDE!! This weather has been absolutely goregous! Any of you could always drop me a line in our math or science classroom if you have any questions or anything you want to share. I'll respond to you as soon as I have a free second (probably when Christian is sleeping, doing his schoolwork, or outside playing). 

Just a couple of things I've discovered while we have been out of school.... 

1) Trying to function without coffee in the morning is not a smart idea.


2) Kindergartener's that fight the mid-day naps are doing themselves an injustice... Mid-day naps are where it's at!!


3) I've learned that staying at home, although tempting when the alarm clock goes off, isn't all its cracked up to be. I need a schedule - with a list- of things to accomplish or else I want to be lazy then I'll regret being lazy. :-/


4) No one should have to sweep as many times a day as I've had to to keep the floors clean.... fa real!!


5) I am so blessed to have a job that when I'm not there I miss those I'm around the most... you kiddos! <3


Tell me something you've discovered while being away from school....


You and your parents can access the following resources with the cooresponding links:


Mrs. Hebert's Math AM Classroom (google)

Mrs. Hebert's Math PM Classroom (google)

Mrs. Hebert's Science AM Classroom (google)

Mrs. Hebert's Science PM Classroom (google)


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