Mr. Patrick McKinney

Phone: 985-764-1275


Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed from University of Southwestern Louisiana, BS from Nicholls State University. Certified in Health and Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education

Mr. Patrick McKinney


As we finish up the 2018-2019, I am thinking already about the 2019-2020 school year. This coming school year will be my 29th year teaching Health and Physical Education.

I find it fascinating that I never stop learning from year to year.  My goal is to grow as a teacher and health advocate year after year.  In our world we are met with an excess of chemicals in our food and our air.  Communication and technology advances have made us more sedentary than ever.  

Americans spend over 3 trillion dollars a year in trying to treat health problems.  The answer is far less expensive.  The answer is prevention.  How we move, eat, and communicate could change our world for the better.  We would live longer healthier lives.  Our quality of life would be greater as we age.  

We have the answers to live a long healthy life.  Move in ways that you enjoy.  Eat fresh and natural foods.  Treat yourself and everyone else with kindness.

Have a great summer.  See you in August.

Mr. Patrick.

  • Patrick McKinney

    Daily Schedule

    8:15 New Sarpy Elementary Sign in

    8:35 Breakfast duty

    9:00-9:50 2nd grade H&PE

    10:00-10:50 1st grade H&PE

    10:50 Lunch

    11:20 Academic push in

    12:00 pm Ethel Schoeffner sign in

    12:10-1:00 5th grade H&PE

    1:05-1:55 3rd grade H&PE

    2:05-2:55 4th grade H&PE

    2:55-3:05 Ethel Schoeffner Bus Duty

    3:10 New Sarpy Elementary 

    3:35-3:45 Car rider duty