Dress Code

  • Dress Code Expectations

    The following are the dress code expectations for Destrehan High School students:

    • Pants must be worn as designed -- with the belt loops at the waist.
    • If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn.
    • Cargo pants are not allowed.
    • Pants should have no trim or adornments (no extra stitched designs).
    • School shirts must be white or garnet (no odd shades of garnet allowed).
    • Only solid garnet, gray or white sweatshirts.
    • Only solid white, garnet, or gray undershirts may be worn underneath school shirts.
    • Baggy, sagging or over-sized clothes are prohibited.
    • Excessively tight clothing is prohibited.
    • All tennis shoes must be tied appropriately (using all eyelets provided) and strapped if Velcro straps are attached.
    • All clothing must be hemmed and not frayed.

    In addition to the above mentioned dress code policy guidelines, DHS will enforce the following as well:

    • All students must tuck in shirts. The shirts must remain tucked in even while seated.
    • All shirt buttons must be fastened with the exception of the top button.
    • Shrug jackets (jackets covering the upper torso only) are not permissible. 
    • Hospital scrub pants are prohibited.
    • Neither cell phones or cell phone accessories should be visible (clips, etc.)

    Dress Code Consequences (in order):

    1. Warning
    2. Monetary Fine of $3
    3. Monetary Fine of $5
    4. A.M. Detention/Parent Conference
    5. A.M. Detention
    6. Parent Conference via ConnectEd
    7. Saturday Detention
    8. ADAPT
    9. Saturday Detention
    10. ADAPT

    Our goal is to have our students "Dress for Success" as we continue to build pride in our school. We truly hope that no consequences are ever administered. For more information see the district's website on student dress code.