All students will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct District Handbook in August. Some of the more common dress code infractions of this policy are listed below:

    • J.B. Martin Middle School's designated school color for shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and sweaters is Navy Blue or white.

    • If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn.

    • Shirts must remain appropriately buttoned and tucked completely into the waist-band of the pants.

    • Pants (including capri), skirts, shorts, and jumpers (sleeveless dress worn with a blouse underneath) must be hemmed.  Side slits above the knee are not permitted. Clothing must be solid navy or khaki with no trim or adornments.

    • Student IDs must be worn appropriately at all times as designed.

    More specific dress code rules for J.B. Martin are as follows:

    • Only prescription and protective eye wear for specialized classes are permitted. Novelty contact lenses are not permitted.

    • Special groups may require students to conform to other standards (athletics, cheerleaders, pep squad, etc.)

    • Jewelry constitutes a potential danger when worn during physical education class. All jewelry (including earrings) must be removed during P.E. class.

    • Wallet chains, excessive jewelry (large initial plates, medallions worn around the neck that can cause a disruption or injury) are prohibited.

    • P.E. uniforms must be worn in P.E. class only and are not allowed to be worn outside of P.E. class.

    • No "crocs", No "leggings".

    • Undershirts must be Navy Blue or white.

    A more detailed outline of the student dress code policy can be found in the J.B. Martin Middle Student Handbook (student agenda) pages 15-18.  Students and parents can also refer to the District Dress Code Policy to obtain more information regarding policies and procedures for student attire.