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    Welcome to the PREP Club!


     Club Sponsor: Stefanie Ward


    The PREP Club's mission is to improve the high school experience for impressionable teenage girls by helping them develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-confidence.


    • The PREP Club offers high school girls time to meet with an adult mentor, in a small group setting after school, to share challenges they face in their daily lives.
    • The PREP Club also helps girls make a smoother transition from junior high school to high school by providing peer-to-peer structured mentoring (FIND - Freshmen In Need of Direction), where freshmen are paired with seniors who serve as "big sisters."
    • The PREP Club also works to develop civic-minded youth through engaging members in community service projects.


    The PREP Club's vision is to encourage chapters in schools across the nation in efforts to:

    • improve academic performance
    • improve personal decision-making
    • reduce school disciplinary infractions
    • reduce the high school drop out rate

    For more information, contact Mrs. Ward at sward@stcharles.k12.la.us

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  • “The best predictor of kids’ academic success might not be how many letters they recognize by age 3 or how high they can count by age 4, but how willing they are to persist at challenging tasks and how well they plan ahead, pay attention, remember and follow instructions, and control their impulses and emotions. These so-called executive functions, also known collectively as self-regulation or self-control, have long been considered a key life skill." The Fred Rogers Center


    Service Projects:

    A vital component of our program is having girls invest in community service.  We created the following service projects:
    • Random Acts of "Change" (Inspired by the Ripple Effect, we ask members to do acts of kindness and giving in hopes to influence change in the lives of others.)
    • The Pantry Project (We collect food items for local shelters and food pantries.)
    • Simple Supplies (We collect personal hygiene items for local emergency and homeless shelters.)
    • Maternal Gifts (We collect items for expectant teens/mothers in need.)
    • Baby's Bookshelf (We collect new and gently used early learning books for local shelters and Head Start programs.)
    We are also very proud to work with local non-profit organizations which provide our girls with service opportunities. (United Way of St. Charles Parish; Ronald McDonald House, Canal St. NOLA; CAGNO - Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans; DSAGNO - Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans; Unity of Greater New Orleans; Ozanam Inn)
    Students earn service points, and awards are given at an end-of-the-year Tea Social attended by the girls and their mothers.