• Parking Application Instructions

    Fall 2024


    Who is eligible to apply?   

    • Students who attend the Satellite Center

    • Seniors with Early Release

    • Seniors involved in a sport or extracurricular activity, staying after school 3 or more days per week

    *Priority is first given to Satellite Center & Early Release students. Please understand that we have over 300 seniors, but only 200 spots available for student parking on the DHS campus.  Non-Satellite Center Juniors need not apply due to the construction on Wildcat Ln. (Juniors if you do not attend the Satellite Center (for a 2 block period) please do not apply at this time). 


    • What must be included with the application?

      • Copy of driver’s license (#02 restrictions not permitted)

      • Copy of vehicle insurance

      • Copy of Fall/Spring schedule

      • Completed application form with all necessary signatures

    • DHS Student Car Registration

    • Search & Seizure Consent Form

    • Loss of Driving ( return one and keep one)

    • Permission Slip to Drive Other Students 

    • Parking Instructions (return one & keep one)


    *Have all copies before submitting the application. The office will not make copies.


    Deadline:  Wednesday, July 24, 2024 by 2:30pm (no exceptions)


    Return to the Administration Office


    A list of approved applicants and their assigned parking spaces will be posted on July 30, 2024 administration office.


    Approved students may purchase the decal for $10 on July 30, 2024 (Fee Day) prior to the start of the fall semester, between the hours of 8:00am – 2:25pm

    You may not park on campus until your decal has been purchased. 


    Please adhere to the parking procedures in the student handbook and this parking application packet for retaining your decal.

    TO: Students Requesting Parking Permits/Stickers


    FROM: Kurt Menyweather, Administrative Monitor


    RE: Parking Stickers Fall 2024


    The following information must be supplied to the school before your request for a parking permit/sticker can be considered. You will be allowed to park on campus after your application is approved and you have received a sticker.

    1. First priority is given to early release and satellite center students. Priority is then given to seniors who participate in extra curricular activities that require the senior to stay after school at least three (3) days a week.

    2. You must provide your parents’ phone number and the best time to contact them on the application.

    3. Turn in a signed search and seizure consent form.

    4. Attach Xeroxed copies of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and your current semester’s class schedule to your application. The office will not make copies.

    5. If the student will be driving other students to and from school, he/she must have a permission slip signed by the parents of the driver and parents of the rider.

               6. Parking on school grounds is a privilege not a right.

               7. Cost of a parking sticker is $10.00. If a different car is to be used during the school year, a new sticker must be purchased. The original sticker must be returned in order to get a new sticker.

    1. Those students who do not have early release or who do not attend the satellite center, may have to relinquish their parking permit at the end of the semester and will receive a $5 refund. There is a shortage of parking space in our lot.

    2. Parking permit applications must be returned by Wednesday July 24, 2024 at 2:30 p.m., to the Main Office. If your sticker is granted, you must follow the procedures in the handbook and application forms for keeping your sticker. 

    3. Parking permit applications will be evaluated and permits may be picked up July 21st, 2023 by the applicant or a parent. Approved applicants will be posted in the administration office and/or contacted through a Connect Ed message from the school.

    4. Parking Permits are only good for 1 semester. Applications must be renewed.


    If all of the above requirements are not met, your application will not be approved.