Ms. Lauren Candies

Phone: 9857649946


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies Education Southeastern University Minor in History Southeastern University Associates Degree in the Fine Arts Jones County Junior College (Mississippi) Louisiana State Certified Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Lauren Candies

Welcome to my class! This is my fifth year teaching at DHS, and my fourth year as an Assistant Softball Coach. I am looking forward to another awesome year for the wildcats. I will be teaching Civics to 9th grade. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email (it's the fastest way to reach me). My supply list and parent letter are available through this web page.

Let's geaux wildcats!!! 





  • 1st Period - Civics

    2nd Period - Civics 

    1st Lunch

    3rd Period - Prep Period

    4th Period - Civics  

  • For this class you will need:


    (1)  1 1/2 in. Binder

    (2)  Pencils

    (3)  Black Pens (multiple)

    (4)  Colored high lighters



    ** All of our class assignments and work will be printed out for you. You will need to keep all work in your binder. If you want to have sheet protectors in your binder, it would be very beneficial. 

  • I am Ms. Candies!

    Welcome to Civics class. I am so excited to have you here! This is my 5th year at DHS. I student taught here in 2015, and never left. I love being a Wildcat, and wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else!


    A Little About Your Teacher

    • Born and raised in St. Charles Parish
    • Bachelor’s degree in Education from Southeastern
    • Dog lover (I have two)
    • Music lover of all kinds (my hobby is going to concerts and festivals)
    • College athlete (I have played softball my whole life)
    • I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 15! (I was a freshman!)


    Quick Notes About Our Class…

    • All assignments are either printed and handed out, or on Google classroom
    • Each student will need a 1 to 2-inch binder with something to write with EVERYDAY
    • Grades are updated weekly (check PS regularly)
    • No homework (unless work not finished in class)
    • All make up tests are to be done in TLC (opened Tuesday – Thursday every week)
    • All absent, missing, or late work must be turned in at the end of each quarter
    • Any missing tests from first 2 quarters of semester must be done by mid-terms, any test missing from second two quarters are due by finals
    • IF there are any problems, I will first send an email, if it needs more than an email, I will call home (rarely happens!)



    Phone: 985.764.9946

    The best way to contact me is email. I am faster with answering that way. Please contact me any time, even if it is to just check in. 



    I might not be the most interesting, but what I have to say is VERY important. I do not repeat myself. I will NOT say something more than three times. If you miss it, better ask a friend.

    Follow all directions! I will only give them a few times. Routines and directions are what lead and help out daily life. Follow them in class, and you will be fine!

    ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS! I will take them and you will get a referral. I’m very good at catching them, Ask your upperclassmen friends. I hold a record. True story.

    Don’t even ask…kthanks 😊

    If you are tardy, you MUST go get a pass from the OFFICE! You will not be allowed into class late without a pass. School rule: you MUST be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. IF you are UP without permission, then you are tardy. I really stick to this rule…you’ve been warned!

    If you want a grade, you better: PUT YOUR NAME ON IT, TURN IT IN, and MAKE IT UP! Late work and absent work is due at the end of each quarter. If you don’t turn it in, then it is a ZERO!

    You break…You pay! Maybe not pay in money BUT lunch detentions and referrals are in your future if you damage anything in this room. DO NOT disrespect furniture, property (mine or someone else), or technology that does not belong to you.

    If you want to go to the bathroom, nurse, office, library, etc… You must have a pass in your agenda. If you don’t and it’s an EMERGENCY then I will let you go, but you owe me a lunch detention.