TLC is open on  Mondays - Thursdays, both LOVE and VIRTUALLY!

    All LIVE sessions will take place in the upstairs B-Building. LIVE sessions start precisely at 2:30 in the upstairs B-Building. Please Be On Time!

    • LIVE Sessions - Testing
    • LIVE Sessions where you can use the DHS WiFi
    • LIVE Sessions – Math (all subjects)

    Most VIRTUAL sessions will start at about 3:00. 2:30 – 4:30 LIVE and VIRTUAL sessions  Sign up by noon to reserve your spot and activate a session. If no one signs up, there will be no session, virtually or LIVE.

    • VIRTUAL Math, including ACT Math upon request 
    • VIRTUAL Spanish 
    • VIRTUAL English 
    • VIRTUAL Science, including ACT Science upon request 
    • VIRTUAL Social Studies 


     Rules and Expectations

    1. Reserve your spot: Students must sign up in advance (by NOON that day) for both live and virtual TLC sessions to reserve your seat. The Google (reservation) form is on the 2020-21 TLC Google Classroom page. (The classroom code is available from your teacher or the morning announcements.

    • Note: We cannot take “drop-ins” for LIVE sessions as space is limited and social distancing is strictly enforced. However, we cannot guarantee that virtual sessions will happen unless students sign up in advance. If no one signs up for a session, then no teacher will be present to help you – LIVE or VIRTUALLY.

    2. Attendance at TLC: Garnet students can only attend LIVE sessions on Garnet days and Gray students can only attend LIVE sessions on Gray days. Anyone – including e-Learners – can attend any virtual session any day.3. 

    3. Transportation after TLC: We do NOT have after-school busses this year. Students must have their own rides home or parental permission to walk home. Students who require bus transportation should make arrangements through Mrs. Glass, our Assistant                        Principal. The bus will arrive at 5:30 to bring students home. Signed, dated parent notes are ok. Seniors do not need a note. We will verify parental permission through the School Status communication program.

    4. Wi-Fi access: Students who need access to Wi-Fi should sign up for a LIVE session. You can sit in the math room or a testing room to use Wi-Fi.

    5. Expectations for students attending LIVE sessions: Students who attend LIVE sessions must

    • sign-up in advance – NO DROP-INS.
    • arrive in upstairs B-Building by 2:30.
    • bring your own ChromeBook AND charger.
    • wear school uniforms and IDs.
    • adhere to the DHS cell phone policy.
    • have a ride home or arrange bus transportation with Mrs. Glass. Students can leave TLC when their ride arrives or with prior parental permission (including a signed, dated parent note with a phone number).

    6.  Expectations for students attending VIRTUAL sessions: Students who attend VIRTUAL sessions must

    • sign-up in advance to activate a session. A teacher will then be scheduled to help all attendees. DROP-INS are welcome, but you must sign in with the teacher.
    • remain muted unless you are talking to the teacher.
    • get in the queue by using the CHAT feature to let the teacher know that you have a question.
    • be patient. The teacher will help you asap.