• Beginning with the class of 2024, JumpStart 2.0 will serve as the alternate diploma option for non-college bound TOPS graduates. The goal of JumpStart 2.0 is to build upon the foundation of the JumpStart 1.0 pathways to provide students with a clear path to success. This includes streamlining pathways to better prepare students to earn capstone credentials that are aligned with employability, rigor, and career quality. In order for Louisiana’s economy to thrive, students need to enter into the workforce prepared for high-quality jobs. 

    The three pillars are:

    1. Every Jump Start Career Diploma student graduates having demonstrated success in the workplace, preparing them to work in a high-wage, high-growth industry.

    2. Every Louisianan knows and values the Jump Start Career Diploma path as fluently as the TOPS University path.

    3. Community leaders create systems that bridge education and employment, without state intervention, throughout Louisiana.

    CLICK HERE to visit the Department of Education's website to view the career pathway documents that highlight courses and required Industry-Based Credentials.