• Happy Fall! Our kindergarteners are making great progress! In math, they are learning to identify, count, and write numbers 0-10. We are practicing more challenging skills such as finding hidden partners in a whole number. An example of this would be to find 2 and 3 in the number 5. They may even be able to write a number sentence (5=2+3). In English Language Arts, we are beginning our first unit. In this unit, our students are learning to identify rhyming words and story elements in nursery rhymes and familiar stories. Students are learning to be active listeners. They should be able to listen to a story read aloud and answer questions about details from the story. Some skills that our students have been learning to help them become better readers and writers include listening for sounds in a word and blending them together to form words. During the first month of school, we practiced the different kinds of handwriting strokes that help us to write letters. Now, we are using those strokes to help us form letters correctly. Continue to help your child with homework nightly. Homework is a review of what your child has worked on in the classroom and will assist you as a parent in becoming familiar with the kindergarten curriculum. The kindergarten teachers appreciate all that you do at home to help your children become successful!