We Love Our Second Graders!!

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    Second-grader's completed studies in Early Asian Civilization and are now exploring Greek civilization, gods, goddesses, and mythology. In Writer’s Workshop, students are writing fiction and non-fiction pieces. In math, students will continue to gain an understanding of place value and then use place value to add and subtract two and three-digit numbers to 1,000. Practice for speed and accuracy to solve the basic facts to 20. Knowing or memorizing basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 is expected and will support students with solving two and three-digit math problems as well as word problems. Flashcards are a good tool as well as interactive practice. SEE: Sheppards Software has engaging math games. Little scientists are exploring Louisiana's land and water as well as relationships and habitats. We continue to be grateful for your interest and support in your child’s education. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Second-grade students learn and practice internet safety, creating documents, and using Google Classroom accounts.
    Ask them to show you what they know!

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