• Vision

    At Luling Elementary School we have a happy, safe, and positive learning environment where successes are celebrated.  We collaborate through purposeful team interactions.  

    There is a circle of communication among all stakeholders to support the individual needs of all learners. Instruction is maximized and differentiated.  Feedback provides opportunities for growth and change.


    We at Luling Elementary School will provide a quality academic and social education for the whole child while inspiring, empowering, and nurturing all to become successful individuals.


    At Luling Elementary School, we believe:

    • staff members will build community by implementing all parts of Morning Meeting and by applying Responsive Classroom practices with an emphasis on using Responsive Language.
    • in addition to whole group instruction, teachers will provide small group and individualized instruction through the use of a variety of activities to achieve desired outcomes.
    • all stakeholders will limit interruptions of instructional time.
    • all teachers will be provided with opportunities to unwrap curriculum, to collaborate, and to create rigorous and engaging lessons suited to the needs and diversities of all students.
    • communication with families is a priority; therefore, we will contact and establish positive relationships at the beginning of the school year and continue to build those relationships.
    • procedures and routines will be explicitly established, practiced, monitored, and followed.