• Class Management / Class Discipline Approach

    At Destrehan High School we take a Restorative Approach to discipline.  Our primary focus, in conjunction with teaching and learning, is to build positive and working relationships.  My discipline management plan will be consistent with the following restorative action steps:

    1.Remind – students will be reminded of rule(s) or directions

    2.Redirect – students will be specifically redirected to the task at hand

    3.Relocate – students will be relocated to either reflect upon (mis) behavior, calm down, or removed from a potentially disruptive situation (If necessary)

    4.Reflect – students will be guided to reflect upon what happened, what could have prevented the situation, and how to make amends to the appropriate parties (If necessary)

                      *Further or more severe consequences may be assigned if disruptive behavior continues or for more serious incidents/offenses.