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Christine Gillies

Mrs. Gillies

Welcome to AP Human Geography!  I am honored to work with advanced placement students, most of whom are taking their first college-level course.  The coursework will introduce students to the rigor of advanced placement curriculum, intent on building their content knowledge and skill sets.  This course is a true "intro" course as it touches on every field and area of study in social sciences and humanities.  Therefore, students enrolled in AP classes must be prepared to work diligently.

On May 4, 2023, the students will be required to take the AP Human Geography exam and assess their knowledge and skills alongside the best students in our country.  Students that score 3 or higher (1-5 grading scale) will earn a college social studies credit. 

The content knowledge and skills students begin to cultivate in this class are intended to create well-rounded, life-long learners, and future leaders that will confidently compete in a globalized economy.





    Materials Required

    • WIDE loose leaf binder [at least 2" or larger]
    • 3-holed loose-leaf
    • Individual loose-leaf tabs/dividers [approx. 10 dividers]
    • Black/Blue ink pens for all writing assignments
    • highlighter
    • Pencils for tests/quizzes/rough drafts of a project
    • Colored pencils [10+ different colors] for map and chart work
    • Chrome Book digital textbook!
    • If you want your own personal supplies such as a ruler, markers, scissors, glue sticks, etc, they will come in handy but I will provide some for the class to use.