Ms. Destiney Gullion

Phone: 985-764-9946


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Destiney Gullion


Welcome to Technical Writing! My name is Destiney Gullion, and this is my 1st year teaching at Destrehan High school (my 2nd year teaching total). I am a graduate of Destrehan High School as well as the University of New Orleans. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Educational Leadership. I have taught a variety of English classes in my career, but I look forward to teaching your child Technical Writing, this a newer curriculum and I am excited to explore it with your child! Below is my schedule and contact information. I am looking forward to a productive and fun year! 


Below is the list of materials that will be needed in class every day.

2-1 ½ inch binder with clear cover pocket
Loose-leaf paper (white) (2-3 packs)
Blue or black ink pens (You must have these for all classes!!)
Have several #2 Pencils sharpened and ready to use at all times
One Red Pen
2-Marble composition book
Sticky notes
White out
jump drive
1 pack of small lined index cards
Pencil pouch that goes in binder.
highlighters: blue, green, yellow, and pink
5 pack dividers

One 2 pocket folder with your name, class, and period clearly printed on the front, see bellow for color.
2nd period - RED
3rd period - BLUE
4th period- GREEN




To contact me you can call the school at 985-764-9946, I am off at 1st period. You can also email me at anytime at


  • Fall Schedule:

    1st Block - Business English I

    2nd Block - Business English I

    3rd Block - Planning

    4th Block -Business English I

    Spring Schedule:


    1st Block - Planning

    2nd Block -Technical Writing 

    3rd Block - Technical Writing 

    4th Block -Technical Writing 

  • Grading Policy and Procedures


    Important points to remember

    • I do not give grades; students earn them.
    • Grades are averages of the number grade earned on an assignment.  Students should make their best effort on every assignment—anything is better than a zero!!
    • Student’s final average each quarter is made up of two major parts:


      • Formative Grades = 40%

    (Quizzes, homework, participation, class work, warm-up, closure, etc.)


    • Summative Grades = 60%

    (Tests, projects, writing tasks, formal discussions, etc.)



      The value of each will be determined by me (usually based on the difficulty or importance relative to other assignments). This is in compliance with the St. Charles Parish School Board's policy.


    Make-up Policy and Procedures


    Important points to remember

    • Student is responsible for everything we do for this class.
    • All assignments, formative and summative, affect their average.


    When a student is absent, he or she is still responsible for what was missed in class.  Upon returning to school, the student must be sure to catch up on everything that he or she missed. This will not be done during instructional time.


    Make-up Procedure

    • All assignments for each day will be listed on my web page’s calendar.
    • Handouts/worksheets will be placed on a table in class, so you can pick up what you missed.
    • Any quizzes or tests will be sent to TLC and must be handled within two TLC sessions after returning.  Failure to do so will result in a zero.


    Responsibility is the key to being successful.