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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Plus 30 UNO Masters in Education UNO Bachelor of Science in Education SUNY Buffalo Associates Arts NCC Blind and/or Partially Sighted K-12 Learning Disabled K-12 Severe/Profound 1-12 Mild/Moderate 1-12 Crippled Children/Homebound Children & Children with Special Health Problems K-12 Mentally Retarded 1-12 Elementary Grades 1-8 PIP 6

Mr. Bruce (Coach) Bershad

Welcome Everyone! (Updated  1022/20) (Welcoming Video!/) (Pease check under assignments section as I am adding new resources and other information daily) 

Thank you for bneing part of the LWE Family! What an amazingly quick first quarter of the year! Thank you all for being part of the huige success that has brought so much growth to our students! We look forward to this continuous progress each and every day!

I am extremely proud of my parents for their love and their support they provide to our children and our staff throughout  their home learning and/or in school process. The partnership and educational training we are experiencing together is simply awe inspiring and our children are truly benefiting. 

Parents you are all SuperHeroes....We're so proud of you all. You have become our most valued partners of all time...We are so grateful for you believing in yourselves to achieve and partner in the success of your child. We are so humbled by your efforts as you have so many other responsibilities at this time.

Heartfelt thanks repeated time after time! Love and appreciate you all.

I am extremely proud  to say that your children have entered a place where encouragment, care and the human spirit surrounds every student, staff member and parent as they walk on to Lakewood's grounds. Every where you look, there are signs of praise, inspiration and smiling faces. We are all guided by an amazingly dedicated and loving administrative team where your children and collaborative communication are priority number one.

As a seasoned educator/advocate/administrator for more than 5 decades, I am extremely proud to be part of the Lakewood Family. I look forward to being here at school each and every day, where smiles are abundant and dedicated staff members work diligently daily, to create opportunities for children to believe they can achieve and succeed on and off the grounds of school. 

Partnering up with Ms. Cheryl Foret a dedicated advocate for children for almost 3 decades, our team is here to serve you and your children in every facet of child development, lifeskill training and independency. 

Thank you for partnering in the best interest of your children and allowing us both to feel welcome in our school community. 

Please note I will respond to any of your concerns 24/7. I will update this page weekly, and School Status daily texting you with additional greetings, and relevant onformational resources you may find helpful with your child.

With much heartfelt appreciation,

Coach Bruce