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  • "Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions" - Harold S. Geneen

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    To be a member of NHS, one must challenge their curriculum by taking at least 4 honors classes each year. A clear discipline record is mandatory, and members must undertake a leadership role.

    Service Hours: Each NHS member is required to complete a certain amount of service hours.

    Outside/independent hours - Service opportunities that are not sponsored by the club. This means that you must have the hours pre-approved. You must make sure your hours sheet is signed by a sponsor who has given you approval and the supervisor of the service.

    Service hour requirements are as follows:
    Required number of service hours: 50

    The National Honor Society prides itself in upholding and spreading the values of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Being a part of NHS affords the student numerous, meaningful opportunities, which not only improves their school and community, but also strengthens their skills as a leader. Involvement in this prestigious organization is recognized and respected among top tier universities around the nation.

    **In order to receive an invitation to join National Honor Society students must display the following characteristics:

    Scholarship - A student must maintain an overall "A" average and be enrolled in honors level classes.
    Character - Students must have outstanding character with no disciplinary problems.
    Leadership - Students must exhibit leadership skills not only in academics, but in extracurricular activities as well.
    Service - All National Honor Society members must be willing and committed to helping our school and local community.


  • October: 

    Senior- Andrew Gilmore

    Junior- Matthew Lewis

    Sophomore- Marshay Stevenson

    Freshman- Linda Plasse