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    The Lakewood Elementary Library houses over 12,000 books, ebooks, and audiovisual materials. The library is constantly growing and expanding.

    Students come to the library with their teachers to check out books or to conduct research. This year students are able to visit the library individually for book check-out with a pass from their teachers, but they can also request books online and we will deliver them to their homerooms between their library days. Each student is allowed to check out any books they need for a period of two weeks.

    Each year the LWE library hosts two book fairs. One in the fall (September 25-29, 2023).  We will also host one in the spring (March 11-15, 2024). Bookfairs will remain open after school on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and Wednesday, March 13 through Parent Night.   Money raised by these book fairs goes right back into improving the LWE library collection.

    A reading incentive program is in place at the LWE library. Students can earn a book buck for each library chapter book they read and tell the librarian about. They save their book bucks and can use them to purchase books to keep from the library’s book buck store.  


    The mission of the school library media center is to:

    foster the love of reading, ensure that all members of the learning community are engaged and effective users of information and technology, and support the school curriculum

    The LWE library media center strives to fulfill this mission by:

    providing teachers and students with a variety of resources and encouraging reading through incentive programs and book groups.

Library Staff

Library Staff



  • Tambra Chiasson

Access MackinVIA eBooks and audiobooks. Username/ password can be found in Library Google Classroom