• Parents,

    I apologize for the tardiness of any responses to questions you may have had.  I hope that you and your families are safe and sound.  During this uncertain time, I am committed to trying to ensure that learning continues for your child.  Students will have opportunities durng the fourth marking period to complete assignments that will serve to improve third quarter grades.  These assignments are encouraged but not mandatory to complete.  I will be posting assignments/questions in Google Classroom several times a week.  These assignments/questions will pertain to to Romeo and Juliet, and will be uploaded into Google Classroom.  Be safe.  


    Best Regards,


    T. King








    My name is Tareson King.  This is my second year at Hahnville High School, and I am entering my 21st year of teaching.   I hold an undergraduate degree in English and a Master's Degree in Education.  I am certified in both English and Social Studies.


    I am sure that you have questions concerning what your child may need in order to be successful in my English I class.  My list is not that long; however, your child must have the following supplies with them everyday.  

    1-One pack of blue/black ink pens

    2-One pack of pencils

    3-(1) Binder for English class only

    4-(1-2 packs) of loose leaf paper

    5-(1) USB drive

    6-(1-2) packs of highlighter pens


    It is imperative that your child has the above mentioned supplies in order to be successful in my class.  Thank you in advance for making sure that your child will come prepared for school.

    English I has an end of the year high stakes test attached to it.  The work will be challenging and at time intensive, but rest assured I will make sure that they get through the units and are as prepared as one can possibly be in order to do well on the English I LEAP 2025.  I would like to think that you and I will work in tandem to make sure that your child is successful in my class. There will be alot of reading and writing in this class.   The curriculum is designed where I do not have to re-invent the wheel.  The content is there, and I will most assuredly guide your child and do my best to get them where they need to be.  I am looking forward to having a wonderful year working with you and your child.