6th Grade Team 1



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    Harry Hurst Home Learning Opportunities Schedule (Live Link) (PDF 4/7/20)

    Please be aware that the live link will be updated regularly and is best viewed on a computer. The PDF may not be as up to date. 



    In order to provide our students with access to online materials during the mandated closure, the Curriculum and Instruction Department has compiled a list of digital and print home-learning resources. The goal of these optional activities is to help students review previously-taught course material, practice course/grade-level skills, engage in standardized test prep, and/or engage in interest-based enrichment tasks. These assignments will not be for a grade nor will they picked up by teachers. 

    You can access the districts complete Home Learning Opportunities website by clicking HERE.

     In addition to the district's recommendations, students should check their Google Classroom for any additional review suggestions by their teachers.


    Sample Schedule from the Disttrict (See full schedule details at the link here.)

    Sample Schedule