About Our School

  • Mission

    Mimosa Park Elementary is dedicated to producing intellectually empowered, empathetic, and engaged life-long learners. 



    Mimosa Park Elementary is a community of learners in which teachers, parents/caregivers, and the community support teaching and learning by providing students with the necessary tools to become independent and self-directed, life-long learners. We embrace the diversity of our children by providing a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment that focuses on rigorous standards to meet the individual needs of students. Through the collaboration of all stakeholders, there is a commitment to support the social/emotional, academic, and digital needs of all students so they lead productive and fulfilling lives. 



    “We Hold High Expectations For All.”


    Values and Beliefs

    1. We work collaboratively to improve the school experience for students, parents/caregivers, faculty, administration, and the community.

    2. We recognize each child as an individual with different needs and strengths and work to meet each child’s needs by implementing research-based instructional practices.

    3. We strive to be flexible in acknowledging and meeting the needs of each individual family.

    4. We maintain open communication between and among students, parent/caregivers, faculty, administration, and the community.

    5. We continually strive to grow professionally, remain adaptable, flexible and open to new ideas.

     6. We maximize instructional time by focusing on grade-level standards and developing in-depth understanding of lesson intent to provide explicit instruction that increases student achievement.

    7. We use performance data to make instructional decisions that increase student achievement.  

    8. We model a positive attitude and treat all members of the school community in a respectful and caring manner.

    9. We provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning.

    10. We use current technology as an interactive, instructional tool to challenge and engage students in digital learning experiences.   

Kindergarten student and parent working on literacy activities.
Student using a ChromeBook to solve math problems.
Students participating in Round Table writing and discussion activity.
Students reading and completing a project.