About Our School

  • Mission

    Mimosa Park Elementary is dedicated to delivering an inclusive academic and social education in order to develop empowered, empathetic, and responsible life-long learners. 



    We, the stakeholders at Mimosa Park Elementary, have a shared responsibility to support the social/emotional and academic needs of all students so that they may lead productive and fulfilling lives in the evolving 21st century. We are committed to providing students with a strong foundation to become independent and self-directed, life-long learners. We embrace the diversity of our children by providing a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment that focuses on meeting the individual needs of all students.  



    “Where Good Becomes Great.”


    At Mimosa Park Elementary, we are committed to...

    • working collaboratively to improve the school environment for all stakeholders.
    • providing a positive, safe and nurturing environment.
    • setting the foundation of literacy for future success.
    • maintaining open communication between all stakeholders.
    • growing professionally and implementing research-based practices. 
    • analyzing data to meet and support the individual needs of students. 
    • building relationships with students in order to foster equitable opportunities. 
    • treating every student and stakeholder in a caring and dignified manner. 
Pre Kindergarten students are ready for the start of school!
Students are collaborating and working together.
Kindergarten student is working independently to complete a task.
Students participating in Morning Meeting.