Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors: Kinesiology and Sports Management Certifications: NCCER Core Certified

Mr. Devin M. Candies

Welcome to my class. This is my 2nd year of teaching at Hahnville High School. I am an assistant coach for football and baseball. I look forward to exploring the world of crafts and trades with each student I encounter. I will be teaching the NCCER Core Curriculum: Intro to Craft Skills.

I am well aware this is unchartered territory for all of us. Please be understanding as we will get through this year together. Below is attached a syllabus for my course. It lays out exactly what will be done through out the year. For any questions/concerns feel free to email me.

Class Schedule:

1A: Core Curriculum

2A: Core Curriculum

3A: PLC/Planning

4A: Core Curriculum

Welcome Students,

Unforunately, I am unable to attend the first week of the second semester. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you when I return. The following are your instructions for the first week of class.

First please sign into your corresponding Google Classroom:

1 Purple: bxwlyqh

1 Gold:cisrzhk

2 Purple:76vkzdi

2 Gold:2zcntqf

4 Purple: ff3mxhh

4 Gold:qh6cd3r

When you are signed in, please read over the attached syllabus. 


I do not wish to intimidate you, but this year will be extremely fast paced. This year we will cover the basic safety course of all craft trades under the NCCER. The week I return we will get you set up on your NCCER Connect Site. This will be where you login to do all of your at-home work. We will also cover the first Module (Chapter) we will cover and take our first exam. 

On your google classroom you will see three things I've posted. The first link is a link to my Teacher Webpage. The second link is a shortcut to signing into your at-home work classwork. The last link is the sign-in for your at home attendance. This must be done daily, 5 mins prior to class time - 15 mins after class is set to start. That is your login window. Anyone signed in early/later than the designated time is to be marked absent. 

Once again, I apologize that I could not meet in person this first week, but I will catch us up the following week.

Best Wishes,

Coach Candies