Samantha Eroche



Degrees and Certifications:

BA Film & Theatre Arts University of New Orleans MA Teaching Secondary English (6-12) Northwestern State University

Samantha Eroche

Hello! I'm Samantha Eroche, or "Ms. E." I earned my B.A. in Film & Theatre Arts from the University of New Orleans and my M.A. in Teaching Secondary English (6-12) from Northwestern State University. I have worked as a performer, technician, and designer for a number of film and theatre companies in the area, and I look forward to helping my team members make those important career connections, too.

The 2020-2021 school year marks my 3rd year in SCPPS and my 2nd year as the Technical Theatre Facilitator at the Satellite Center (classes held at the Lafon Performing Arts Center, or LPAC). This course provides a survey of all aspects of Technical Theatre: art/design, construction/carpentry, lighting, sound, scenic, projections, costumes, makeup, stage management, rigging, run crew, etc! Think of it as a big art class where we build amazing things! From the gory makeup and costume work of the Haunted History Hike to Lumiere's flaming candle hands in Beauty and the Beast, we're taking creativity and innovation to new heights.

This year presents new challenges to our craft considering most theaters all over the world are closed. However, I hope to provide value by demonstrating that the skills team members learn here apply in other fields and aspects of their lives while we're waiting to get back to the theatre spaces we love. On the surface, our aim at the Satellite Center may look like making you experts in your discipline, but more important is that we give you the real-world “soft skills” to become a well-rounded young adult and citizen. Interview skills, cover letters and resumes, presenting, and yes, even doing laundry! I hope you can find strength and empowerment in that mission we have for you.

I just want to warn--and energize--you in advance: the Satellite Center is unlike any other educational institution you have experienced up to this point. We assess learning outcomes and attitudes, such as Written and Oral Communication, Agency, Knowledge & Thinking, and Collaboration. We give back by performing service in our community. We are always trying to outdo ourselves. It will feel more like a professional workplace than a classroom. And yes, it’s going to be a shift for you, but I want you to feel inspired by the new flexibility and freedom you will find here.

Here at the Satellite Center, we believe in the phrase “Building a better you.” In college, I learned a Latin phrase from the Jesuits, cura personalis, which means “care of the whole person.” Regardless of which you gravitate towards, both phrases imply that you are constantly working on yourself, your work, and your contributions to society. If we don’t take care of our minds, bodies, and hearts, how can we make a positive impact? Especially in these unsettling times, I urge you to care for your mental, physical, and emotional health and truly “care for your whole person.” 

Believe me when I say we have the best facilitators (teachers), work centers (classrooms), and team members (students) in all of St. Charles Parish. If you want to keep up with interesting articles, scholarships, webinars, job/internship opportunities, and other cool resources, follow our class Twitter at @SatCenterTT!