• Welcome to the HMS Step Team "SWAG NATION"


    What is step?


    Stepping is a form of percussive dance in which the participant's entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and handclaps.


    What is important to know about the HMS step team?


    Students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th tryout at the beginning of the year. Step team members are chosen during tryouts. Space is limited.


    In order to participate, the student must be in good academic standing and have no discipline issues. 


    Practice days and times for this team will be announced at a later date.


    Responsibilities and Guidelines for Parents and Students:



    Two or more discipline referrals or failing grades may result in dismissal from the team. Final determination of team membership will be determined by campus administration and club sponsors. Teacher input on classroom behavior and grades will aid in determination.



    When steppers are not at practice, they miss new steps. It is hard for steppers to catch up once they fall behind. If steppers do not know the steps before a performance, they will not perform. Steppers with three unexcused absences will be removed from the team. I understand that students may be involved in other clubs/sports. I ask that the steppers split time. Continued absences due to reasons other than illness will result in removal from the team. Unusual circumstances may be excused at the discretion of the sponsor.



    Steppers will be dismissed to ride the afterschool busses. Parents, if you are picking up, be here before 5:00pm or your child will have to ride the afterschool bus home. No students will be left at school after 5:00pm.


    Events Outside of School Hours/Outside of HMS Building:

     All steppers must be signed in (by an adult) when leaving steppers with Mrs. LeVeck and signed out (by an adult) before leaving Mrs. LeVeck. A sign-in and out sheet will be at all events outside of the HMS building and or outside of school hours.