• Welcome to Destrehan Theatre!

    We've got an exciting year of theatre ahead of us! As young aspiring artists, you will be exploring theatre history; creating costume and set designs; working and performing monologues and scenes; attending and critiquing live theatre; receiving master classes and talk backs with working professionals; assisting or taking advantage of performance opportunities when it is deemed safe to return to traditional theatrical presentations; and mastering vocabulary and jargon necessary to the performing arts.

    My goal as your instructor is to assist you in becoming the best artist YOU can be and helping you present the BEST version of yourself!

    Be sure to visit Google Classroom daily for classwork, assignments, and announcements. Those interested in leadership positions within the department's Executive Artistic Board should contact me directly.

    I look forward to creating some fantastic theatre with each and every one of you!

    Mr. A


    2022 - 2023 Mainstage Season

    The Wizard of Oz   (Nov. 18th - 20th)

    Clue: On Stage   (Jan. 27th - 29th)

    Once Upon A Mattress   (April 28th - 30th)

    • 1st Block  7:19 - 8:53  (Mon., Wed., Fri. - Planning Period; Tues., Thurs. - Office Hours)

      2nd Block  8:58 - 10:32

      3rd Block  11:07 - 12:05

      LUNCH   12:05 - 12:35

      4th Block   12:46 - 2:20   

      **Appointments should be made during Tuesday and Thursday office hours only.**