• Attendance has been shown to be an important factor in student achievement.  Sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, students miss more than the allotted dates (five (5) days per semester in a full credit class and two (2) days in a half semester class).  The Destrehan High School Attendance Recovery Program provides an opportunity for students who are at risk of losing course credit due to excessive absences to make up their time.  

    Students can stay after school during T.L.C. to make up the time that is needed. Students MUST complete content-specific class work in order to regain the time that was lost due to absences. 

    Our Attendance School Office Specialist, Ms. Kelly Scullin and/or our Child Welfare and Attendance representative notifies the student and parent about the time that needs to be made up in order to obtain the Carnegie Unit.  The student will be provided with a log showing the number of hours required.  The log will be signed by a faculty member each time that the students completes attendance recovery for documentation and will be turned in to attendance when completed.  The attendance must be made up before the end of that semester in accordance with state policy. 

    If you are having problems attending school, contact your counselor or administrator so that we can provide assistance.  If you have any questions please contact Ms. Kelly Scullin by phone or email - kscullin@stcharles.k12.la.us.