Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tracy Neal Hilaire Jr

My personal mission is to use the musical gift that God has granted me to lead my students in the right direction based on integrity, honesty, and unconditional love.  

My vision is to help students realize the essential part that music plays in one’s life. To create a classroom setting that engages learners in developing cooperation, creativity, and self-discipline. 

I firmly believe the children are our future. As teachers, we are responsible for making sure we lead the way. Our role is to make sure that every child is given the same opportunity to learn. Creating an environment for them to feel free to be themselves, but also to feel free enough to make mistakes. My dream is for every child to share their unique gifts with the world. I feel that as teachers we are responsible to make sure that every child realizes what their gift is and help them accomplish that gift. By utilizing a realistic philosophical view in my classroom it will enable every child to find there gift through observation, modeling, and experience. 

I'm truly excited to be here at Luling Elementary! I look forward to working with your child each and every day! I am pleased to say we now have four different vocal ensembles at Luling Elementary! Please be sure to keep track of any information that is sent home with your child about the choir!  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!

Music is alive and well! Be the change you want to see!


Director of Choral Activities/ Chair of General Music (K-5)

Tracy Neal Hilaire Jr 

Luling Elementary (LES)


Last Modified on April 7, 2020