• Dance I:
    This class begins with an overview of human anatomy as it relates to dance movement, along with various injury-prevention techniques and standard dance terms. Students will study the basic elements of space, time, and energy as they relate to dance, dance structures, and choreographic devices and how they serve as both a foundation and a departure point for choreographers. Students will also experience dance performance as an interaction between performer, production elements, and audience that heightens and amplifies artistic expression. Students will learn to interpret and analyze dance movement by considering intent, meaning, and artistic expression as communicated through the use of the body, elements of dance, dance technique, dance structure, and context. Finally, students will practice dance literacy, which includes deep knowledge and perspectives about societal, cultural, historical, and community contexts.

    Located at the LaFon Performing Arts Center for 1 period (90 minutes) and can count as fine arts for TOPS.

    Prerequisite: None                       Credit: 1 Credit                           Fee: None                Grade Level: 9-12

  • Dance II:

    In Dance II, team members will focus in more detail on one of two learning paths based on their fields of interest in the dance world: Ballet/Tap or Modern/ Jazz.

    Team members will further explore the history of dance, taking time to delve into more detailed time periods, events, and artists.  Team members will also further develop their techniques and strengthen their movement vocabulary and execution. Dance II will have more focus on facilitated class discussions of the philosophy of dance and performance-focused training. Dancers will gain experience and insight into how to perform efficiently and successfully in a professional dance rehearsal and dance performance.

    Prerequisite: Dance 1, Dance Teacher Written Recommendation, or Interview with SCCPS Dance Faculty.     Grade Level: 10-12         Credit: 1             Fee: none