• Mimosa Park Elementary Library 

    Hours: 9:00-3:30

    Mission: The mission of our library is to foster life-long learners with a love of reading who think critically, research skillfully, and use information effectively and ethically. 

    Vision: Our school library provides an engaging, flexible, student-focused learning environment where our students effectively utilize a variety of print and electronic materials that support and enhance the curriculum. The library program inspires all students to function as competent and ethical users of information technologies with strong intellectual curiosity and a life-long love of reading and learning. 

    Library Beliefs: 

    We, the school community, believe: 

    • an effective, engaging school library program impacts student learning
    • an effective school library program is critical in preparing learners for life in an information-rich society
    • an effective school library program is fully integrated into the curriculum through ongoing, sustained efforts and purposefully engages the entire school community
    • an effective school library program is an integral part of the school community by nurturing students in all aspects of their development
    • an effective school library program provides an expansive, diverse collection of books and electronic information resources selected to support the school's curriculum