Student Responsibilities:

    1. Join Google Classroom for courses of enrollment.
    2. Check Edgenuity email daily.
    3. Communicate with teachers via Edgenuity email for resets and unlocks.
    4. Communicate with content specific teachers (see list below).
    5. Monitor your progress daily (Current grade percentage/completion percentage).
    6. Use guided notes or eNotes during the direct instruction.


    PB Staff Jamie Cologne, Wayne Sentilles, Victoria Scott, Jeanette Belton, Tommy Fugarino, and Jamaica Hawkins

     Roles and Responsibilities for eLearning

    • Open unit/topic tests (if remediation is not needed)
    • Reset assignments and add retakes for quizzes
    • Monitor student progress
    • Contact parents of students who are falling behind
    • Send remediation referrals to Landry for students who are struggling

    Other support staff - Roles and Responsibilities for eLearning


    • Allie Nugent Spanish (pvzamps Google Class code)


    • Megan Bush IBCA (gglhysx Google Class code)


    • Kurt Hargis - IBCA ( qyknkdt Google Class code) and Computer Science (4sntml3 Google Class code)


    • Lisa Bourg - Principles of Business (ivr7jfz Google Class code)
    • Keri Dupre’ - Advanced Math Tutoring, Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:30 (upyuha7 Google Class code) 



    Grading of essays:

    • Jennifer Casanova English III, IV, Business English, and Technical Writing
    • Laurie Bartley English III, IV, Business English, and Technical Writing
    • William Plasse AP English Language & Composition (III) & AP Literature & Composition (IV)
    • Maxwell Suitt –AP Psychology & AP US History
    • D’otta Sneizak AP Human Geography




    Roles and Responsibilities for eLearning

    • Contact and schedule remediation through Google Meet
    • Grade essays for Intensive English, English I, and English II
    • Unlock tests and/or reset quizzes once remediation is complete


    • Nicole Provost - ELA

    Hgtd4r5 Google Classroom code 


    • Elizabeth Delaune - ELA

    Nkeanl5 Google Classroom code


    • Darlene Carter - Math

             aqayccx Google Classroom code


    • Jason Errington - Science

    4nxk7bd Google Classroom code


    • Corinne Heffron - Social Studies

    Qvivbpn Google Classroom Code


    • Samantha Eroche - JTC and Speech

    4lv2wbk Google Classroom Code



    Iman En-Nabut

    Tara Thomas (Student Advocate)


    Resource Links:


    Edgenuity Student Login Link



    Monitoring Your Child’s Progress



    Requesting Your Child’s Progress Reports

    Please email the following information to jcologne@stcharles.k12.la.us

    • Include in subject line “Edgenuity Progress Report”
    • Your student’s first and last name
    • Your first and last name
    • Your email address
    • How often you want to receive the Progress Report (daily or weekly)


    LOOM Videos

    Instructional video on using student email in Edgenuity


    Instructional video on accessing guided notes in Edgenuity



    Instructional video on using the Family Portal in Edgenuity



    Useful videos