• Ravin Edwards, M.Ed.


    Hello and welcome to my English I/Quest for Success Class! This is my third year teaching and my first year at Hahnville High School. I recently graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education in 2018 and my Masters of Curriculum and Instruction in 2020 at The University of New Orleans. I am currently contuning my education at The University of New Orleans, where I am studying Educational Leadership. I am certified to teach ELA (6th-12th), Gifted/Talented Students and Quest for Success.


    My English I class will be utilzing Guidebooks, (Tier 1 Curriculum) which prepares them to succeed on the LEAP 2025 examination. My QFS students will be utilzing a mixture of specialized activities and assessments from The Louisiana Department of Education to prepare them for life beyond High School. I am looking forward to teaching your student and increasing their interest in education!


    This year, I will be utilzing Google Classroom. Students will utilize their district-provided Chromebooks to particpate in in-class assignments and virtual learning. Aside from instruction, Google Classroom also allows me to post important announcements and reminders for students about upcoming events.


    To access Google Classroom, please use the following link: https://classroom.google.com/ and have your child log in using their St. Charles Parish credentials.Once logged in, you can review annoucements, assignments, and course information. As a parent, you can be added to the Google Classroom as a guardian to ensure that your student stays on top of assignments.


    Google Classroom Codes for ENG I:

    1st Purple-a2t76cs

    2nd Purple-jsmhpkj

    3rd Purple-eup7qzb


    1st Gold-jy4rirg

    2nd Gold-yof4xg4

    3rd Gold-6hxmwnw




    ENG I Supplies:

    - Pen/Pencils

    -Loose-Leaf Paper

    -Tab dividers 

    -Multicolored Highlighters for annotation purposes

    -Red Pen

    -One pack of sticky notes


    Below is a link to my syllabus for ENG I:




    My planning period is during 4th period.