• Dear Parents and Students,

    Starting Monday, February 1st, HHS will host a Learning Lab during the Spring of the 2020-2021 school year. The purpose of the HHS Learning Lab is to provide E-Learning students, as well as students assigned to his or her virtual “at-home learning” day a protected environment that is conducive to learning. While teachers may be available to provide remediation as their schedules permit, it is not intended to be an opportunity for focused remediation and re-teaching.

    Each day, HHS will host four sessions that follow the normal bell schedule. Please see below:

    To participate in the HHS Learning Lab, please complete each step below:

    1. Sign up for the day(s) and session(s) intended by using the link


       It must NOT be a day that students are scheduled to be on campus.

           Note: Only 12 students permitted in each session. Once the session is full, no other students will be permitted.

    1. No district transportation will be provided to and from school on Learning Lab days. Students must provide their own transportation.
    2. Students may bring their lunch if they are on campus for 3rd hour or they may get a school lunch at the designated time.
    3. Students must be dressed according to HHS dress code in order to attend the Learning Lab.
    4. Students must adhere to all policies and school rules while attending the learning lab. Any incident will result in normal disciplinary action and may result in loss of Learning Lab privilege. 
    5. Students must sign in at the front office when they arrive, and must sign out at the front office when they leave.
    6. Students must remain in the HHS Learning Lab for the entirety of their scheduled session. Teacher volunteers may be available in the library to assist.
    7. Students must be checked out by a parent or guardian before leaving (even if a student drove him or herself to the school site).

    HHS is excited to offer you this opportunity! #wearehahnville