• ACM Pirette Dance Team



    • To encourage school spirit and pride in your school.
    • To promote physical and mental development.
    • To develop lifelong values and skills.



    • To provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities during every sport and competition season.
    • To be an integral, well-coordinated part of the middle school curriculum.
    • To assist participants in the development of athletic and leadership skills.
    • To develop effective time management strategies.
    • To develop socially through cooperation, competition, and appropriate standards of behavior.



    • Promote and uphold school spirit, unity, and pride.
    • Represent the school to the highest degree.
    • Set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (whether in uniform or not).
    • Promote friendship with each other and with schools with whom we compete, perform, and go to camp with.
    • Promote the development of lifelong values and skills.



    Membership on a team offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, leadership, and involvement in diverse activities. The attitude, dedication, and enthusiasm of the team members are just as important as the skills involved in spirit leading. Members of the dance team are committed to the highest level of athleticism, performance, self-discipline, respect for the school and others, personal exemplary conduct and the performance of all responsibilities related to the pursuit of school spirit and pride. Furthermore, dance team members demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities.



    • Dance / perform at all football and basketball games (girls’ & boys).
    • Support and perform at school pride and recognition assemblies.
    • Be ambassadors for the school at open house, after school assemblies, and any other opportunities that may come up at individual schools.



    • Ensure equal opportunity to all students without regard to gender, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry or economic capability.
    • Emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, and fair play.
    • Abide by all school, district and league rules.
    • Show courtesy to all visiting teams, competitors, hosts, and officials.
    • Respect the integrity and judgment of all sports and competition officials.



    • Dance team members understand that teamwork and the maintenance of discipline is key to the success of the program. Dance team members are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm, and a positive winning attitude through example. Adherence to the dance program standards is vital to achieving these goals. All members realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves, in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire team and school.


    • It is recognized that these standards are necessary to maintain team morale, team and individual discipline, and effective learning. Consistent enforcement of rules and regulations is also necessary to ensure the safety and general well being of each individual student. Participation in cheer team is voluntary, not mandatory. It is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked by the school personnel when a team member violates the rules and regulations.



    • For each grading period, members must maintain a 2.0 GPA. (Grades will be checked via progress reports and report cards).
    • Members must maintain good disciplinary/ conduct record, attendance, class performance, and teacher recommendations during the time on the team and for try-outs.
    • All members must have all current paper work on file:
      • Dance team application
      • Acknowledgement of Duty and Responsibilities Form
      • Student / Athletic Insurance Information Form
      • LHSAA Physical Form
      • A copy of your last report card
      • A copy of your Up-To-Date Insurance Card
    • All practices, camp, and games are mandatory.
    • All members are expected to take part in fundraisers.