• NCCER Industrial Scaffolding, Insulation, and Coating:  
    This is the first of two courses designed to introduce students to the scaffolding, insulating, and industrial coatings industry.  The first part of the course focuses on stationary, mobile, and suspension scaffolds, as well as the tools and equipment used in this industry. Students also learn best practices for safety on the job site and any mathematical applications that will be used on the job.  The focus of the course then transitions to industrial insulating including the characteristics, applications, and installation of all types of pipe insulation. The course content is organized into modules with written and performance assessments designed by NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research), and students will be required to successfully complete seven modules toward NCCER Scaffolding Level 1 certification and seven modules toward NCCER Insulating Level 1. 

    After successful completion of the seven NCCER Insulating Level 1 modules, the course focuses on NCCER's Industrial Coatings and Applications Specialist course that was developed in partnership with NACE (the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International to deliver a comprehensive training and certification program. This course covers topics such as Surface Preparation, Corrosion Protection, and Containment.

    Prerequisite:  NCCER Core.    Grade level: 12    Credit: 1    Fee: (None)