• The updated information for the ACT drop down menu: 
    The Louisiana Department of Education has implemented a program: ACT NOW.  This program will provide vouchers for seniors and eligible 10th graders to take the ACT on June 11, 2022 or July 16, 2022.  All seniors are eligible for this opportunity to raise their ACT score for college eligibility, enhance their TOPS levels or qualify for merit-based scholarships. 10th grade students who plan to enroll in a Dual Enrollment class in the 11th grade and have taken the ACT prior (via Saturday administrations or DUKE TIP program) or have not gotten a passing score on PreACT are eligible for the voucher. If your student would like an opportunity to take the ACT on June 11th or July 16th, please complete the Google form by April 12th.  Once eligibility is confirmed, each student must submit a commitment form that will be due by April 14th. Once the vouchers are available, the school will arrange for the students to register for a selected date. 
    Victoria Preau, M. Ed.
    Assistant Principal
    Hahnville High School
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